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"Multistate Tax Considerations for S Corporations", An Article from the Journal of Accountancy

Practical SALT Considerations, Article Link: This article, published in the February 2011 issue of the Journal of Accountancy, provides a excellent, concise overview of multi-state issues faced by S Corporations and their shareholders.  Note that many of the same multi-state issues discussed in this article also apply to other entities structured as flow through entities, such as partnerships and limited liability companies.  Read the entire article at: Multistate Tax Considerations for S Corporations

Commentary:  In addition to being a full-time State & Local Tax consultant, I'm a part-time tax writer.  Not only do I author posts for the "Buzz", I'm a regular contributor to the "Business Tax Advisor" blog of (See side bar "Read My Monthly Posts at").  I've also co-authored articles on State & Local Tax issues and developments (see my "Publications and Presentations" tab), will periodically write for other websites and am often called upon to provide comments to journalists reporting on tax issues.  My role of journalist and reporter requires me to research, read and scrutinize an inordinate amount of information.  I often come across articles and contributions that are excellent, informative and accurate.  I also often come across writings that are slanted, inaccurate, and so misleading that they are sadly humorous.  I've recently decided to start sharing links to some of the best (and worst) State & Local tax articles and writings that I encounter.  Look for these periodically links, along with my short intro or additional explanation.