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A Tale of Two "Main Street Fairness" Blog Posts

Congress has once again introduced federal legislation, which if passed, could require out-of-state retailers to charge and collect sales tax on sales to customers in certain states . That right, on July 29, 2011, Congressional Democrats in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives introduced “internet sales tax” legislation.  In the Senate, S.  1452  was introduced by Senator  Richard Durbin  (Illinois).  A companion bill, H.R.  2701  was introduced in the House by Representative John Conyers (Michigan).  Both bills are referred to by the same title, the “ Main Street Fairness Act ”. By now you’ve certainly heard about the  latest  Federal “Main Street Fairness” legislation, as reporters, commentators, industry groups,  on-line retailers, bloggers, and just about everyone else has an opinion on it.  This isn’t surprising as a major focus of the Main Street Fairness Act is the hotly debated issue of internet sales taxes.  But this isn’t a new debate!  The issue of w