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Internet Retailers Find Expanding Sales Tax Laws and Pending Federal Legislation Confusing and Concerning

State Amazon Laws, Federal Legislation:    Last month I presented two Webinars, both which dealt with one of my favorite (okay, my favorite) state tax topics – “Internet Sales Taxes”.  The first Webinar, “ State ‘Amazon Laws’ and Federal Remote Seller Proposals “, was a CPE Webinar geared towards CPAs.  The second, “ How to Navigate the Online Sales Tax Legislation Waters ”, was a Webinar which I co-presented for  Retail Online Integration , a monthly industry publication geared towards on-line retailers. It was this second Webinar, which was attended by over 200 small-medium (and even some large) online retailers, that got me to thinking. Now if you’ve presented a Webinar, you’ll probably agree that often an audience will ask relatively few questions either during or at the conclusion of a presentation – you’re likely to get maybe 5 or so.  But this wasn’t the case with the Retail Online Integration Webinar. There were many,  many  questions presented both during and at the

Understanding Massachusetts’ Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The following is guest post by Carol Wilson, a blogger/writer who writes on business insurance issues for BusinessInsuranceQuotes, a business insurance connector website.  In this guest post, Carol provides an overview of the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation requirements.  Though not technically state taxes, these mandatory contributions, like taxes, are a cost of doing business that individuals and businesses which hire employees in Massachusetts are subject to. Interested in contributing a guest post to The State and Local Tax “Buzz”?  See the Guest Blogger Guidelines page (tab above):    ************ Most businesses operating in Massachusetts are required to carry both unemployment and workers' comp insurance. This post discusses these two employer contributions.   Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance Anyone who employs one or more workers (regardless of full-time or temporary status) or pays wages of $1,500 per year is genera