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Upcoming Changes in the Canadian Sales Tax Regime: What Sales Tax Professionals Need to Know

The following is a guest post by Christina Zurowski, co-founder of Veridical Tax Advisors Inc ., a Canadian sales tax advisory firm specializing in Canadian sales tax advisory services for both Canadian and international businesses, and returning guest blogger, Diane Yetter, founder of the  Sales Tax Institute .   ********************** What is that expression – there is nothing sure other than death and taxes? When we are talking about sales tax the expression may more aptly be, nothing is sure other than death and changes to sales tax.  The changes in the Canadian sales tax system over the last few years, and the upcoming changes for 2013, clearly prove that point and have left many organizations scrambling to stay on top of their Canadian compliance obligations.  2013 is not proving to be any different with the unprecedented deharmonization and return to a Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) and Provincial Sales Tax (“PST”) system in British Columbia ("BC"), ha