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Massachusetts Issues TIR 13-7: Provides Three Month Extension to Individuals and Businesses Impacted by Boston Marathon Violence

To say that the events that took place in Boston and the surrounding areas this past week were surreal is an understatement!  The Boston Marathon bombings have been described as the most violent act of terrorism on U.S. soil since September 11 th .  The subsequent manhunt for those responsible, the lock-down imposed on residents of Boston, Cambridge, Watertown and surrounding areas, the emptiness of the streets of downtown Boston and these same communities as the FBI, local police, swat teams and militia conducting a house-by-house search - well again - all so surreal! I find myself angry and sad but at the same proud of my fellow Massachusetts residents who have come together and shown an incredible amount of resilience. My thoughts and prayers truly are with those of you who have been impacted! And so, in this post I’ll discuss Massachusetts' recently issued administrative guidance announcing and explaining an additional extension of time to file/pay to individual and