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Federal Internet Sales Tax and a New Webpage on Marketplace Fairness Act Blog Articles and More

I’ve been following and reporting on Federal "Internet Sales Tax" developments for quite some time now - actually, almost three years!  The first post I wrote on Federal Internet Sales Tax developments was back in July of 2010 , shortly after a federal proposal was introduced by the 111th Congress. (That was two Congresses ago, folks!) The post, which I authored for SMB resource website,, and also published here at  The State and Local Tax “Buzz” , covered a 2010 version of The Main Street Fairness Act (H. 5560, 111th Cong.). You can  read that very first post here -> “ The Main Street Fairness Act: Explaining Internet Sales Taxes ”. But my coverage of Internet Sales Tax developments really took off when I was asked to become a regular contributor to a newly launched multi-contributor blog for , an on-line sales-use tax resource website. I announced that I’d be joining SalesTaxSupport’s blogging crew here at The State and