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The State & Local Tax (SALT) Daily: Top Stories for the Week Ending July 20, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I expanded my publishing responsibilities by creating two on-line newsletters, The State & Local Tax (SALT) Daily and The Internet Sales Tax Weekly .  Both newsletters are curated on the platform, a popular on-line newsletter curation service.  The SALT Daily is published each day and The Internet Sales Tax Weekly is published every Friday.  (By the way, you can view the current edition of both papers by clicking on the newsletter titles above or the widgets I’ve embedded into the lower left side bar of this blog page.)  In addition to tweeting out the arrival of each newsletter (I’ll send out a tweet from my @SylviaDionCPA account), every weekend I’ll blog about the most popular topics/stories curated the prior week.  So, on that note, here is recap of the top topics/stories covered in The SALT Daily editions from the week ending Saturday, July 20, 2013. If I had to pick one SALT topic that was the focus of many articles appearin