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The Massachusetts "Tech-Tax" Fiasco - Good Policy, Bad Policy or No Policy Connection?

In a few months, I'll be presenting at a Cloud Services and Digital Goods Symposium - Avalara's Sales Tax Horizons 2014 . I'll be a part of three member Policy Panel speaking on "Where We Are Today with Technology Tax Legislation."  Of course I'm thrilled to have been invited to participate in this upcoming "First of its Kind" Tax Forum. One reason is that state tax policy is an area I follow very closely! Now I won't spend a lot of time talking about state tax policy in this post as I'd love to devote an entire post to that topic in the future.  But this did get me to thinking about an article I recently authored for the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) Tax Report. In that article, titled " The Massachusetts 'Tech-Tax' Fiasco: It's History, Impact and Valuable Lessons Learned ," I provided an overview of a controversial tax provision enacted last July (2013) as part of a Transportation Funding Bill, w