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Amazon Laws: The New Normal? An Update on Internet Sales Tax Laws

This post was originally published on SalesTaxSupport* on July 17, 2011. E-Commerce and Internet Sales Taxes ; possibly the most contentious area in state taxation today! The arguments for and against internet sales taxes come from all directions - from states who contend they’re losing billions in tax revenues as a result of uncollected sales taxes on internet sales, from on-line retailers who maintain that a 1992 Supreme Court decision prohibits states from imposing a sales tax collection requirement, and from brick-and-mortar retailers who argue that traditional sales tax nexus rules puts them at a competitive disadvantage. In the last few years, the battle over internet sales taxes has escalated, fueled by the “Amazon Laws” . Are they the "New Normal"? The “ New Normal ”, a phrase coined in 2008 to describe the then-new period of diminished investment returns and slower economic growth that seemed permanent after the financial crisis and recession of the l