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2015 New England State and Local Tax Forum: The Nation's Top SALT Experts Presenting on the Hottest SALT Topics

The State & Local Tax (SALT) landscape is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, fueled by a variety of factors, such as the expansion of states’ interpretation of what constitutes "nexus" for various types of state taxes; the impact of technological advances and the challenge this presents to state tax officials who must apply outdated rules to new "products" and business models; attempts by states to expand the sales tax base to services; and the push by state governments and certain business proponents to involve the U.S. Congress in setting standards that would impact state tax administration.

Without a doubt, it's becoming increasingly important for SALT professionals – both those who advise clients with multi-state operations, as well as those charged with the responsibility of managing their employer’s SALT function – to stay up-to-date on evolving SALT trends.
The New England State and Local Tax Forum* will once again be presenting its 2015 Annual S…