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About the State and Local Tax "Buzz"

Welcome to The State and Local Tax "Buzz”!

The State and Local Tax "Buzz" (the "Buzz") is written and published by me, Sylvia Dion, CPA. My goal for the "Buzz" is to provide readers with relevant information on a variety of State and Local Tax (“SALT”) matters. A state’s announcement of a tax amnesty program, the enactment of a momentous legislative change, a significant court decision, administrative guidance from a Department of Revenue; these are a few examples of the type of reporting you'll find in the "Buzz". Periodically, I'll also write about practical SALT topics, such what is nexus, how SALT controversy tools can help resolve delinquencies, or what to expect from a state tax consulting engagement.

The world of State and Local Tax ("SALT") is constantly evolving, and new SALT developments are occurring so frequently it is sometimes mind-boggling. States are experiencing structural deficits and many are becoming more and more aggressive by enacting laws which, at a minimum, stretch the nexus envelope, and at the extreme, may be unconstitutional. When it comes to SALT developments, there is never a shortage of stories to report on. And although I can't report on them all, what I can and hope to do, is provide an in-depth analysis with relevant links to reliable or interesting sources. For this reason, the State and Local Tax "Buzz" is really more of an on-line resource than a typical blog. While some of my posts may be lengthy, I hope you find they are filled with useful and relevant information. Of course, you'll also occasionally find snippets here and there, in particular where I share an interesting article or other external news story.

If you happen to be a fellow tax blogger, let me know about your blog and I'll add it to my "blog roll", a listing of some of my favorites tax blogs written by the some of the best and most informative bloggers in the country. (See right side text box for my "blog roll") And if you're a credible professional respected for your knowledge in your chosen field and would like to contribute a guest post, let me know that as well and I'll fill you in on my guest blogger guidelines. Again, my goal for the "Buzz" is to be a relevant source of quality information that is helpful to both professionals and business owners.
If you like the "Buzz" or any particular post, please feel free to share it. At the end of each post, you'll find social media sharing buttons allowing you to e-mail the post or share it on some of the more popular social media sites. Finally, if there's a topic you'd like to hear more about, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

I look forward to providing you the "Buzz" on State and Local Taxes!!

Sylvia Dion