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Direct Links to State Tax Agency Websites

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If you've read my "About the State and Local Tax 'Buzz' " page, you know that one of my goals for this blog is that serves as a useful on-line SALT resource - one with helpful links and relevant information. One of the most useful bits of information are links to the various State Tax Department websites. In these State Tax Department websites you'll find information and taxpayer resources, such as; forms, publications, information on "doing business" and registering in a new state, information on Tax Amnesty and Voluntary Disclosure programs, and the State's  statutory, regulatory and administrative guidance. 

The links below will direct you to the State Tax Department that administers most categories of state taxes (e.g., individual and business income tax, sales & use tax, payroll withholding tax).  However, certain taxes, such as real and personal property taxes may OR may not be administered by the state agency listed below.  State unemployment insurance (UI) is almost always handled by a separate agency.  Although I've hyper-linked the department name for each state (e.g., clicking of "Department of Revenue" for Alabama will take you to the site), I have also included the actual URL (also hyperlinked) address.  (I suggest bookmarking this page and keep it as a handy reference.)

And finally, as URL's do change from time to time, please e-mail me at if you encounter a link that has changed.

ALASKA,  Department of Revenue,   (from the  home page, click on “Tax” to go to the Tax Division of the DOR or click this link)

CALIFORNIA,   Franchise Tax Board (for individual income and business income/franchise and other business taxes, but not sales & use tax or other fees and taxes administered by the Board of Equalization – see next entry),   

CALIFORNIAState Board of Equalization (for sales & use tax, property tax and other taxes and fees not administered by the Franchise Tax Board),
CALIFORNIA, see also the  California Tax Information Center  a central website with links to the various state tax areas
COLORADO,   Department of Revenue,,  (from  the home page, click on “Taxes” to go to theDivision of Taxation of the DOR or click this link)
CONNECTICUT,   Department of Revenue Services,   
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (WASHINGTON, D.C.),  Office of the Chief Financial Officer,  (from the home page, click on "BUSINESS" on top bar and scroll down to "Tax Services", or from the home page chose "Tax Service Center" under "Services" to get to the "Office of Tax and Revenue" ) 
Additional note: At this time I've have not included a link to the websites for the several cities, e.g., New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Columbus, Cleveland, etc., that impose city business taxes, but hope to add that information in  the future.

Additional Resource to State Tax Department Links:

If you were not able to access a State Tax Department website from the list above, following is a link to the Federation of Tax Administrators website.  At that site, you'll find a U.S. map - clicking on the any state you'll be directed to the state website.  
Federation of Tax Administrators U.S. map with state tax agency links


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